Best rates for consolidating student loans

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This means that affording college is harder than ever.

Your financial situation might make it necessary to borrow money to pay for college.

Whether you’re looking to refinance federal student loans, pay off loans sooner, or get a lower monthly payment (maybe all three), we offer a range of rates and terms.

We’ve got you covered with our Student Loan Smarts blog series.

You may be looking for ways to refinance your student loans at a lower interest rate, but don’t know where to turn.

We have created the most complete list of lenders currently willing to refinance student loan debt. Don’t worry about the impact on your credit score of applying to multiple lenders: so long as you complete all of your applications within 14 days, it will only count as one inquiry on your credit score.

This is a common situation, but it’s important that you research all of your scholarship, grant and loan options before getting a private student loan.

The best private student loans offer low rates, rate discounts and a variety of incentives.

To provide more complete comparisons, the site features products from our partners as well as institutions which are not advertising partners.“Alternatively, you can stick with credit cards but make two or three payments each cycle to keep your balances low,” says Wood. It’s a fact—some cities are more expensive to live in than others. Someone renting an apartment in a small Midwestern town, for example, has lower expenses than someone who owns a row home in San Francisco.“Even if you pay off your cards in full every month, a credit snapshot may catch your balances at their highest points, making you look maxed out. And cost of living matters a lot to refinancing companies.Get started by checking your rates online in just two minutes.No origination fees in most states, no prepayment penalties.

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