Dating horse shoes

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During construction we discovered an amazing 90ft village well.This has been illuminated and glazed, creating a safe and spectacular feature in the floor of this room.The Horseshoes, in Corn Street, is one of the best regarded.Dating back to the mid-17th century, this is a hostelry in classic style.We are conveniently situated just minutes away from Bishops Stortford and Stansted Mountfitchet, making us an ideal venue for lunchtimes or evening meals.

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We have recently completed our new, spacious oak-framed dining area.

So, adding up the many decades and including the many models, St.

Pierre has probably provided more shoes to the pitchers and more shoes for the collectors than any other manufacturer.

Pierre, at which time the shoe was redesigned as a hooked tournament shoe and renamed T. As the Royals first came out in the 1930s, they were marked 1's and 2's with spike heel caulks running lengthwise rather than across the points.

They were advertised in the Montgomery Wards' catalogs as early as 1935 and are a good collection prize. Pierre, which does not show up in the ad, but has showed up in many private collections/ is the "Star." The underside clearly shows St. So far there is little dating available for this model other than they did exist in 1933.

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