Egyptian girl for fuck dating

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As a blonde, visibly foreign individual, my life as a woman in Egypt has been challenging in a way no other country could be.

The blatant sexual harassment and a lack of equality opened my eyes to the work that still needs to be done in Egypt to become a comfortable living space for women.

Ever heard Egyptian men talk about how erotic the Niqab is?

Yeah, apparently there’s nothing you can do or wear to incite harassment.

I could spend what’s left of my pea-sized woman’s brain wondering what I did to deserve this friendly male reception, or analyzing why society has continuously objectified us little women into pigeon-holes of either innocent, doe-eyed girls or rampant whores; but I won’t. However, in some parts of the world, some issues are easily avoided, but with the wrong partner, they become inevitable.Take Egypt for instance, why is it that some Egyptian women refuse to marry Egyptian men?It takes too much brain power, and me being the weaker sex, I should stick to what I do best, which according to these men, is nothing. Which is why I should never talk back, or look back, or yell or ask for help; this is my fate, I must accept it.

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