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Skype is a service that allows you to use your computer and high-speed internet connection at home to place telephone calls anywhere in the world for a very cheap price.

The plan we’re testing, for example, allows us to make unlimited calls within the United States and Canada (both land line and mobile phones) and an hour’s worth of international calls each month for .95, plus unlimited free calls to anyone with a Skype account and their computer turned on.

Some local carriers charge very high prices for AT&T, Google Voice, and other services to connect their calls.

Few people would normally call these rural numbers, so these local carriers team up with conference calling centers and sex lines to further drive traffic.

The key to using technology to our (mental health) advantage is to control how we use it and not let it control us – and control is one of our Foundations of Maturity (the others being understanding, acceptance, confidence and love).

As it says in the Blue Book, ‘All problems are ultimately problems of understanding and due regulation or control’.

There has been phenomenal growth in communication technology in the past 40 years and this has impacted all our lives.

Nothing really beats face to face contact over a cup of tea/coffee or a good chat over the phone and one could argue that texting has made it too easy for us to fulfill our 12th Step obligations without really engaging.

However, texting does have a few distinct advantages: – It is estimated that there are about 4 billion email accounts worldwide with close on 200 billion emails sent/received daily, though it is estimated that about 70% of emails are spam.

The point is you need some sort of microphone to pick up what you’re speaking and speakers or headphones to play it back to you.

Yes, this would mean you’d sit at your computer and carry on a conversation near it without an actual telephone.

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