Scam dating money

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and scammers on internet, in financial services and personal.


For “new bees” yep - confirmed, the site is a total scam, full of scammers, i am having fun there at the moment, the latest scam is the "babe you need a verification security ID to chat to the girls babe,i will need to assist you babe ok? The 1800 824 498 is a money maker and I found my recharge almost completely drain (perhaps 0 plus) so I suspect to goes via a drone number direcet to Cyprus.

The site is also on my banks alert list and my card was blocked automatically that also was another hassle that I could do without.

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It is alleged that the suspects created fake accounts on online dating sites to lure women.

The suspects chatted with the victims for a while before starting to come up with different scenarios which would see women depositing or transferring money to the banking details which the suspects provided.

According to a police statement, the six are to appear in the Cape Town District Court on Friday on fraud charges.

Police said two were arrested in Burgundy Estate and the others at their apartment in Summer Greens.

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