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I wrote my own attribute that can a) decorate a controller class and will only validate that class’s POST actions, and b) will work with ajax posts by allowing you to put the anti forgery token in the headers for the request. This means that you can decorate your base controller with this new Validate Anti Forgery Token On All Posts attribute, and then all forms in your application will no longer work until you put @Html. $Setup(); Hi , thanks for the nice post I found the token generated in html form keep changing every time a new form is rendered. And there is another function, that is “salt” for the anti Forgery Token, but i really know what this used for, even through we don’t use “salt” to generate the token, the token will changes all the time, so why we have such function ?

NET Web Pages and that the configuration specifies explicit encryption and validation keys. I had no problem implementing the Java Script and copying the class in the controller, but that is how far I could go.

The user will be able to invoke the Web page using a Web browser (such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer) and enter the servlet residing in a Web container.

The servlet then queries the database, fetches the data, and sends it back to the client, again in the form of XML over HTTP.

As you can see here, nothing is too fancy; it's a typical form.

Also note that I'm using twitter bootstrap here to make things prettier.

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