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It has beautiful streets, amazing buildings that have hundreds years, monuments that are in different corners of this amazing city for many famous people that made this city the way it is now.But still there is a question, why abroad men come to Odessa?I was getting phone calls from a girl who was a rapper and regularly opened for Dr.Dre and other rappers, hot, 20 yrs old, talented...I've met a few famous girls in cold approach and it always seems to be the same story.Even if they are as receptive as other girls their lives are just swamped and packed full of guys who are involved in their lifestyle.A city full of magic, that gets together many lonely souls.

It’s a beautiful, always charming his citizens and tourists city.It was extremely difficult to fit into her lifestyle like if you are not a functioning gear in her life its very difficult to get the time needed because of her travel, and free time being sucked away.We even had commonalities she wanted me to litereally hypnotise her because we were both interested in hypnosis but it was just a logistical nightmare we literally tried to meet up for 2 months.Odessa is a city that all people know in the world, but few know the magic that this city has, the power to unite lonely women and men, girls and boys.It’s definitely great city, people would not write songs, tell different stories about some unnamed city, but Odessa is different.

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